A perfect breakfast for up to 12 people

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Enjoy A Private Personalized Breakfast With You And Your Friends


Experienced personal chef services in Aruba in your private residence.

In-home personal chef service


Your personal chef will provide you a daily or weekly meal after consulting to discuss dietary needs or requests.


In-home personal chef catering for small parties and special events after consulting food choices and budgetary needs so the host can enjoy the event.


Your private chef will provide high quality, healthy and delicious tasting meals and will assist you for a relaxed lifestyle or vacation by preparing their meals according to your wishes.


The menus can range from basic comfort food to gourmet dining that will be designed to fit your dietary concerns, health needs and personal favorites and requests.


Everything is including the price except waiter service cost 

Waiters cost $20 per hour and requires a group larger than 4


Reservations MUST be made at least 24 hours in advance.
The deposit is not refundable after booking on Vacationstore. Any cancelation on vacationstore will be credited as vacation dollars and can be used for other packages on Vacationstore.


Private Chef Service

Executive Chef: Griet Vanbrabant

Hours: Call anytime for reservations

Phone:+297 7320832

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