Cupe Coy Beach

Cupe Coy Beach is one of St Maarten’s most coveted tucked-away beaches! Many come to pose in this picturesque landscape and take in the phenomenal sunset views!

The beach has many beautiful and private coves with natural areas to bask in the sun on the rocks. The sand you will find here is second-to-none. There is truly no way to describe the grainy yet ultra-soft white sand that scatters the ground. 

The privacy of the coves has made it easy for tourists to feel comfortable at this clothing-optional beach, and in hindsight, children are not always recommended for this beach.

If you are looking for food, within walking distance is a bar down the beach that serves drinks and local BBQ.

There is truly no other beach like Cupe-Coy. An absolute must-see!

Philipsburg Great Bay Beach

Historically Great Bay is where St. Maarten exported its Salt, which was St Maarten's main export and source of income. That has all since changed over the years. Tourism now thrives throughout the island, bringing in most of the island's income, which makes St Maarten one of the top Caribbean destinations!

Great Bay of St. Maarten grew to rank #6 amongst the top 10 cruise destinations of the world! It is considered one of the most visited cruise ports world-wide.

Great Bay has a roomy boardwalk which runs parallel to the beach. After you've had your fun in the sun you have the opportunity to do all kinds of shopping: jewelry, clothing, trinkets, locally-made goods and more! You never know what you'll find. 

Along the beach there are water trampolines, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet-skiing and other adventurous activities to choose from. You may look at what is available to do in Philipsburg under our activities section by going to the home page and choosing "Activities" from the top bar. 

If you are looking to eat on-island, there are many great places to choose from for your dining pleasure: Caribbean, Peruvian, French, American and more. You will find something to fit any budget and any "food-mood" you are in. Again, take a look at the restaurants partnering with us by heading over to our homepage and selecting "Restaurants" from the top bar. All of our partners offer a 5-15% discount off your entire bill, or, offer free first drinks or tapas. If there is something you like that is not within walking distance, feel free to wave a taxi. Each taxi driver knows where anything is located and will treat you kindly. If you have any questions, feel free to use our chat service!


Anse Marcel

A long stretch of isolated beach where you will find beach chairs and umbrellas with exceptional beach boys to assist your needs. White sand, incoming and outgoing boats in addition to beautiful mountainous views are part of what keep people coming back, aside from the fantastic beach bar and restaurant.

Anse marcel is a laid-back cove. Waves are minimal and the shoreline is shallow therefore small children are at ease swimming throughout the day. You may find a few colorful tropical fish, so bring your snorkeling gear! 

Water sport activities are sold on location. You can enjoy paddle-boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, jet-ski's, fly-boarding and more! 

The restaurant on the beach offers live entertainment and other events. It is open for lunch and the bar is open daily. There are other restaurants on site away from the beach within walking distance. 

Those coming in from sea are welcomed to anchor and come ashore. Transportation to and from your boat is offered.